What happens in session


During sessions we will discuss the WHY of your eating. 

 We will learn why you are eating the way you are eating. 

We will try and figure out if the reason is due to physical reasons or emotional reason. 

We will discuss body image issue, society's thin-ideal, diet culture, intuitive eating, normal eating and so much more.  

I do not prescribe diets.  You won't walk away with a meal plan telling you to eat a certain number of calories and a specific type of food at each meal. Diets will cause weight gain in the long run. I will help you find balance.  

If you are needing structure with timing, finding balance with carb/pro/fat - yes we will talk about that.

If you are coming to me from a treatment center and you are following their meal plan, you will follow the same meal plan when working with me.  We will slowly work on intuitive eating and listen to hunger and fullness as the driver to why/when/what you eat.

If eating patterns are based in emotion regulation (ie: anxiety, depression etc) I will ask that you make an appointment with a counselor.  I do have a list of counselors who understand eating patterns and behaviors.